Indaba Espresso Stout – Black Label Brewing

Brewer’s notes:

Using local coffee company Indaba’s Bowl & Pitcher dark roast blend. It was a dark roast flavor on an oatmeal base. Creamy head with a sweet espresso nose.

You can’t get any more local than Black Label‘s Indaba Espresso Stout. Blending local coffee company Indaba’s fresh roasted coffee and Black Label’s stupendous stout recipe is a match made in heaven for your taste buds! This beer isn’t for everyone though – if you’re not a fan of coffee you may want to shy away from this brew because, if it isn’t obvious yet, there’s a strong in-your-face coffee flavor that you cannot miss!  I’ll be honest, the few times I’ve tried it the oatmeal base doesn’t come through as much as I was expecting. This brew would go great with your dessert, but don’t rush through your drink because you will want to enjoy every single note of coffee. Take your time with this one, kick back on the patio at Black Label or enjoy in the comfort of your own home… just make sure to set aside some time because one is enough when it comes to the Indaba Espresso Stout.

Wrapping everything up, Black Label and Indaba partnered together to make a knockout coffee stout. If you’re in the area – Spokane, Washington – Then make sure you start your morning with some Indaba Coffee at one of their multiple locations and end your day with this wonderful brew at Black Label’s tasting room downtown!

Below you will find the screenshot of this brew’s untappd profile if you want to see other’s ratings!


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