Brick and Steel IPA – Iron Goat Brewing 

Brewer’s notes:

Bright and aromatic, this Northwest-style IPA is packed full of citrusy Mosaic hops.

First and foremost let me just get my bias out of the way upfront, I’ve never been a big fan of IPA’s. Through my beer journey, my taste buds have grown and beers that I have previously hated have come to grow on me but even through all that, there is still a part of me that struggles every time I get an IPA. Why even buy an IPA then? The reality is that I really do love the art that is brewing and want to eventually grow to appreciate all types of beer regardless of my bias. With the Brick and Steel IPA by Iron Goat, I’ve found a genre of IPA that I really enjoy.

The Brick and Steel IPA is Iron Goats first canned beer, released on May 20th 2017 at their 5th-anniversary event. Looking at the print on the can you’ll find the tagline, “Celebrating 5 years in the ‘Kane!” a clever play on their hometown Spokane pronounced (Spo-Can). At the time of writing this article, you can only purchase this beer from Iron Goat’s tap room and only in a 6 pack to go, unfortunately not offered on tap. If you do find yourself in the tap room and want something similar then a safe bet is to go with the regular Mosaic IPA which shares a lot of the same flavor profile. [UPDATE] It looks like two days before this article went live Iron Goat announced on their Facebook that you can now get this on tap!

Now, on to the beer itself. For an IPA it was surprisingly light with only mildly bitter hoppy notes. I’ve noticed that more and more I find myself enjoying brews using mosaic hops and this is no different. The mosaic hops though definitely leave a citrus taste to follow that is quite enjoyable. I really enjoy this beer and easily drank my way through the 6 pack I purchased.


Below you will find the screenshot of this brew’s untappd profile if you want to see other’s ratings!


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