Espresso Milk Stout – Whistle Punk Brewing Co.


Brewer’s notes:

Imperial milk stout aged on Anvil Coffee, small batch bourbon, and vanilla beans. Big coffee aroma and a sweet finish, with notes of vanilla and oak.

Let me ask you right up front, have you ever had a good espresso? I’m not talking Starbucks or Dutch Bros, I’m talking about a good even roasted espresso made diligently by a barista who really cares. You’ll find yourself reminiscent of this when you get a good whiff of the espresso flavor as you bring your glass up for a drink. Whistle Punk‘s Espresso Milk Stout really stands out in their brew line-up as one of their few dark beers but truly demonstrates their abilities as a brewery as it’s nothing like anything else on the tap list.

The choice from Whistle Punk to make this a milk stout instead of just a plain stout is really important, primarily because the lactose base makes this drink one of the smoothest espresso stouts I’ve had the pleasure to drink. With an ABV of 7.1%, this brew rolls in slightly higher than the Indaba Espresso Stout we previously talked about and makes this a beer best enjoyed later in the evening. The final thing I wanted to touch on is food. I found myself wanting a large stack of pancakes, bacon, eggs, and some warm biscuits for dinner to go along with this exceptional brew.

Closing everything out, next time you’re visiting Whistle Punk and you have a craving for coffee and dark beer please do yourself a favor and pick yourself up a pint of the Espresso Milk Stout.

Below you will find the screenshot of this brew’s untappd profile if you want to see other’s ratings!


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