Boulder Garden Brown – Orlison Brewing Co.

Brewer’s notes:

Grab a glass and pour a pint of this full bodied yet smooth American-Style brown ale.  Boulder Garden provides a pleasant blend of caramel and chocolate notes with just enough hop bitterness to balance the maltiness.

Brown beers have their place in any brewers line-up. However with most Browns you don’t get much complexity behind them typically and it takes a lot to get a Brown to stand out from the crowd. I’ll let you know right up front, this Boulder Garden Brown does not stand out from the crowd. Orlison Brewing Co. has made a pretty generic beer with their Boulder Garden Brown, however, that does not make this a bad beer by any means.

Orlison, in fact, will quickly remind you on their site that this beer won the 2017 Washington Brewers Association gold medal! I’m sure that it deserved it too, The Boulder Garden Brown while being quite simple with not much complexity is smooth with a nice malt to it. The Caramel and Chocolate notes are not very strong at all and are easy to miss if you’re not looking for them.

It’s really hard to find the words to write about this brew so I’m keeping it short. It would go great with lighter meals because of the malt it does carry some weight to it. I would not suggest this to new beer drinkers as there is a slight bitterness to it and coupled with the malty nature it may be a turn off for those unsure of their pallet yet.

Head on over to visit Orlison on Facebook and Instagram and show them some love, they have some wonderful brews, more of which we will focus on at a later time. They have a wonderful experimental line of even smaller batch brews that are always interesting.

Trying something different with this article, instead of an Untappd screenshot here is the direct link to this brew on Untappd:


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