Thanks for visiting Hop Central, my name is Brendan, I have a passion for beer. All kinds in fact, from a heavy dark stout to the lightest pilsner. I want to share my love for beer with as many people as I can. Here you will find reviews for local craft beers and breweries from the Pacific Northwest where I call home.  What separates the Northwest beer culture from everyone else? We have some of the freshest locally grown hops, with an even climate and all four seasons. Some of the biggest names in brewing come from the Inland Northwest, Elysian, Deschutes, Widmer Brothers, etc.

Hop Central will act as a hub for beer, brewery, and beer-related events in the Pacific Northwest. Bringing on guest writers from all around to write pieces on the beers they enjoy is a huge part of what we’re founded on. We also believe that beer is more than a number, our “reviews” don’t focus on a star rating but, instead, we focus on experiences. How a beer affects you is just as important as the technicalities that go into brewing. Brewers often make a beer with a specific experience that they want the drinkers to live, we aim to bring these experiences to light!

Content found here will be honest and never misleading. Although our tastes may not always align with yours I hope you can find these reviews helpful when visiting the Pacific Northwest! Please drink responsibly.